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Language formalities
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Akkadian - Nouns - Status rectus

The following are endings to be appended to the noun stem in status rectus.


Oblique refers to the common ending for both genitive and accusative.

Alternate forms for the masculine plural endings are -ânû (nom) and -ânî (obl). These start to appear in late Old Babylonian in short words (such as ilum - god or âlum - city) and progressively become more common.

Adjectival endings are the same in both masculine and feminine, except that masculine plurals are -ûtum and -îtum. In Old Babylonian there is no dual form for adjectives, and the plural is used if necessary. For nouns, the dual is not used routinely, but is restricted to paired body parts or words directly related to these (such as emûqân - strength of arms).

Mimation refers to the addition of m to case indicators u, i, a. It is typical of the masculine singular, feminine singular and plural (but not dual), and all adjectives.

Nunation refers to the addition of n to case indicators â, î, and is typical of the dual.

After the Old Babylonian period both fall into disuse.

Language formalities