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Language formalities
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Comparative study - Noun endings

This page compares various noun end formations in different Semitic languages.

PersonSingular/Dual/Plural and caseHebrewUgariticAkkadianEgyptian
MasculineS - nom--u-um-
MasculineS - construct--u- 
MasculineS - gen -i-im 
MasculineS - acc -a-am 
FeminineS - nom-âh-atu-(a)t-um-t
FeminineS - construct-at-atu-(a)t 
FeminineS - gen -ati-(a)t-im 
FeminineS - acc -ata-(a)t-am 
MasculineD - nom-ayim-âmi-ân-wy
MasculineD - construct-êy- 
MasculineD - obl -êmi-în 
FeminineD - nom-ôt-atâmi-(a)t-ân-ty
FeminineD - construct-ôt-atâ-(a)t 
FeminineD - obl -atêmi-(a)t-în 
MasculineP - nom-îym-ûma-û or -ânû-w
MasculineP - construct-êy 
MasculineP - obl -îma-î or -ânî 
FeminineP - nom-ôt-âtu-ât-um-wt
FeminineP - construct-ôt-âtu-ât 
FeminineP - obl -âti-ât-im 


Language formalities