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Language formalities
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Hebrew - Demonstrative pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns indicate a thing to which attention should be drawn.

English Transliteration English Transliteration
this (masc)zeh this (fem)zô’th
that (masc)hû’ that (fem)hîy’

English Transliteration English Transliteration
these (masc)êlleh these (fem)êlleh
those (masc)hêmmâh those (fem)hênnâh

Demonstrative pronouns have a pattern of use very like that of adjectives. In particular the same two kinds of use are found:

  1. Attributive use, in which case the pronoun must agree in gender, number and definiteness to the associated noun. If the noun also has an adjective, the normal (not invariable) order is noun then adjective then pronoun. It is common with this use to find the definite article.
  2. Predicative use, in a sentence with an implied part of 'to be'. In this case the pronoun agrees in gender and number but does not take the article.
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