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Language formalities
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Hebrew - Independent personal pronouns

Independent personal pronoun constructions may be used as subject pronouns in a sentence, but not as the direct object of a verb, or the objects of prepositions. To accomplish the latter task suffixes are added to verbs or proper nouns. Independent personal pronouns never take the definite article. A frequent construction is a verbless sentence with the appropriate part of 'to be' understood, for example, ’anîy YHVH ... I (am) Yahweh.

Person Singular Plural
3Mhehû’ hêmthey
3Fshehîy’ hênthey
2Myou’attah ’attemyou
2Fyou’att' ’attenyou
1Ianîy anachnûwe
  anôkhîy nachnû 

In the Pentateuch (not elsewhere), 3FS she is written hv’ (ie he) but pointed with î and pronounced as hîy’.

Language formalities