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Language formalities
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Hebrew - Prefixes - Other prepositions

The following are unattached, independent prepositions, functioning much as in English. Though not prefixes they are included here for completeness:

’elTo, into, toward
‘alUpon, Above, About
‘adUntil, unto
liphnêyBefore, in front of
tachathUnder, instead of
’acharêyBehind, after
êtselBeside, near

Prefixes - noun from root verb

Given a root verb, often addition of m- makes a corresponding noun, eg.
shâphat (to judge) ... mish'pat (judgement)
‘asâh (to do) ... ma‘aseh (a deed)
mˆlakh (to rule/reign) ... mâm'lâkhâh or mâm'lâkhûth (a rule)

Sometimes sh- serves the same purpose, eg.

lahabh (to gleam or flash) ... shal'hebheth (a flame)

Hence, mi- at the start of a word can signify:

Language formalities