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Language formalities
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Hebrew - Prefixes and suffixes - general principles

Prefix or suffix consonants

Only 11 servile consonants can be prefixes or suffixes:
Mnemonic 1: ’êlêynû kâthabh môsheh (to us wrote Moses)
Mnemonic 2: ’êythân môsheh vekhâlêbh (Ethan, Moses and Caleb)

The list is aleph, beth, he, vav, yodh, kaph, lamedh, mem, nun, sin/shin, tav.

Radical consonants

The remaining 11 radical consonants are not used in prefixes or suffixes and so will be root consonants in a word.
The list is gimel, daleth, zayin, cheth, teth, samekh, ayin, pe, tsadeh, qoph, resh.
Language formalities