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Language formalities
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Hebrew - Pronominal suffixes with particles

Pronominal suffixes are shortened forms of personal pronouns, and may be attached directly to prepositions, particles, nouns or verbs. There are a number of standard patterns to the use with particles:

With the direct object sign ’êth

Person Singular Plural
3Mhim’ôwthôw ’ôwthâmthem
3Fher’ôwthâh ’ôwthânthem
2Myou’ôwthekhâ ’ethekhemyou
2Fyou’ôwthâkh ’ethekhenyou
1me’ôwthîy ’ôwthâus

With hinnêh 'behold'

Person Singular Plural
3MBehold, hehinnôw hinnâmBehold, they
2MBehold, youhinnekhâ hinnekhemBehold, you
2FBehold, youhinnâkh   
1Behold, Ihinnennîy hinnennûBehold, we
  hinenîy hine 
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