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Saul and Labayu - are they the same person?

  1. Summary
  2. The Letters
  3. Shechem in the Amarna letters
  4. Other places in the Amarna letters
  5. The political situation of the Amarna letters
  6. Analysis - could Saul be Labayu?


This page considers the possibility that Saul is the same individual as Labayu who appears in the Amarna correspondence. This possibility only arises under the New Chronology, in which the Amarna period is in the region of 1025-1000 BCE. Conventionally the Amarna period is around 1350-1325, and the possibility cannot arise. On this page, the Amarna textual evidence is reviewed to see to what extent a correspondence between Abimelech and Saul can be made.

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The Letters, Shechem, other places, and the political situation

All of these matters are discussed on the companion page exploring the possibility of matching Abimelech with Labayu in the conventional chronology, and so are not discussed here.

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Analysis - could Saul be Labayu?

Under construction

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