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Language issues
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Obtaining ancient language fonts

To display portions of these pages correctly you will need to obtain suitable fonts. You may have a Hebrew font installed already if you have a Bible study program on your computer. If not (and in any case for some of the other items), you should visit the following sites. Each has directions for downloading and installing the fonts. Most have fonts available for Mac operating systems as well as Windows: I am not aware of the situation with Linux and other UNIX operating systems and would appreciate feedback from anyone using these (email to is the simplest way).

Without suitable fonts, parts of these pages will not display as intended. You can tell if they are installed, if the blocks marked "Sample" below display in an appropriate font or just in normal characters.

Hebrew samples
These use the BSTHebrew font made freely available at
Sample: abgdh

Egyptian samples
These use the Nahkt font made freely available by Jack Kilmon, Texas, USA, The transliteration font is available from the Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research, Faculty of Theology, Utrecht University, Holland,
Sample: abgdh
Transliteration sample: abgdh

Akkadian samples
These use the BAAkkadian fonts made available by Bendt Alster, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, at This is a transliteration font, not a cuneiform character set, and as such is used occasionally in other parts of these pages.
Sample: $%#�ƒ

Ugaritic samples
These use the RK Ugaritic font made available by Reinhold Kainhofer,Austria, at This is a cuneiform character set, and a related transcription font is also available.
Sample: abgdh
Transscript sample: abgdh

Greek samples
These use the BSTGreek font made freely available at
Sample: abgdh

Language issues