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Language issues
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Correspondence between Ugaritic and Hebrew - transliterated alphabets

Ugaritic Transliterated as Hebrew equivalent Pronounced
a a ;a   "a ’a or ’â
e e ia   yia   ea ’i or ’î or ’ê
u u ua   Wa   Aa ’u or ’û or ’ô
b b B b
g g G g
d d D d
c c d th (harder as in 'this')
h h h h
w w w v
z z z z
H H x ch (harder than below)
j j k kh (softer than above)
T T j t (harder - emphatic)
Z Z   z (harder - emphatic)
y y y y
k k K k
l l l l
m m m m
n n n n
s s s s (softer)
S S   su
' ' [ (ayin)
G G g gh (softer)
p p P p
x x c ts (emphatic)
q q q q
r r r r
C C v sh
t t T t
D D t th (softer as in thin)
Language issues