Where do “Old Testament Studies” visitors come from?
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Global site access as at October 1st 2007

Geographic lookup provided by http://www.hostip.info · Mapping technology provided by OpenLayers: http://www.openlayers.org/

Please note that this information is offered without any guarantees of accuracy - the nature of IP addresses is that they cannot be exactly matched to geography. No personally identifiable information of any kind is kept during or after the lookup process, and the results are not used for any kind of unsolicited email or marketing, nor supplied to third parties for any such use.

Recent site access - these numbers are percentages of the most recent 100 site hits

Country Percent
United States (39%)
United Kingdom (31%)
European Union (5%)
Russian Federation (4%)
Canada (3%)
Norway (3%)
Australia (2%)
Philippines (2%)
Spain (2%)
Germany (1%)
France (1%)
Sweden (1%)
Malaysia (1%)
Ireland (1%)
China (1%)
Netherlands (1%)
Austria (1%)
Cote D`Ivoire (1%)

Overall counts - total access counts since February 8th 2006

Country AbbreviationCount
United States US 31012
United Kingdom UK 10201
Canada CA 2106
China CN 892
Australia AU 842
Germany DE 588
France FR 429
Netherlands NL 336
South Africa ZA 314
Sweden SE 261
India IN 254
European Union EU 217
Philippines PH 215
New Zealand NZ 206
Singapore SG 171
Italy IT 135
Japan JP 125
Norway NO 125
Malaysia MY 121
Turkey TR 112
Ireland IE 111
Hungary HU 89
Brazil BR 89
Russian Federation RU 87
Republic of Korea KR 84
Israel IL 79
Spain ES 78
Serbia and Montenegro CS 78
Hong Kong HK 74
Finland FI 71
Belgium BE 67
Romania RO 67
Denmark DK 56
Taiwan TW 54
Indonesia ID 53
Republic of Poland PL 47
Portugal PT 41
Czech Republic CZ 33
Croatia HR 33
United Arab Emirates AE 31
Chile CL 30
Kenya KE 29
Egypt EG 28
Austria AT 27
Ukraine UA 25
Switzerland CH 24
Mexico MX 22
Thailand TH 21
Saudi Arabia SA 19
Iceland IS 19
Argentina AR 16
Bahamas BS 16
Pakistan PK 15
Guyana GY 14
Nigeria NG 14
Islamic Republic of Iran IR 14
Estonia EE 14
Dominican Republic DO 14
Slovakia SK 13
Kuwait KW 13
Costa Rica CR 12
Greece GR 11
Guam GU 11
Afghanistan AF 11
Lithuania LT 10
Viet Nam VN 9
Malta MT 9
Peru PE 9
Qatar QA 9
Lebanon LB 8
Syrian Arab Republic SY 8
Ethiopia ET 8
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA 7
El Salvador SV 7
Sri Lanka LK 7
Panama PA 7
Cyprus CY 6
Luxembourg LU 6
Slovenia SI 6
Trinidad and Tobago TT 6
Fiji FJ 6
Northern Mariana Islands MP 5
Yugoslavia YU 5
Jordan JO 5
Cayman Islands KY 5
Albania AL 5
Oman OM 5
Puerto Rico PR 4
Barbados BB 4
Uruguay UY 4
Kiribati KI 4
Senegal SN 4
Bolivia BO 4
Morocco MA 4
Mali ML 4
Iraq IQ 4
Honduras HN 4
Belize BZ 3
Latvia LV 3
Antigua and Barbuda AG 3
Bulgaria BG 3
Colombia CO 3
Bangladesh BD 3
Ghana GH 3
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia MK 3
Cambodia KH 3
Norfolk Island NF 3
Bermuda BM 3
Bahrain BH 3
Malawi MW 3
Jamaica JM 2
Zimbabwe ZW 2
Ecuador EC 2
Venezuela VE 2
Lao People`s Democratic Republic LA 2
Maldives MV 1
Saint Lucia LC 1
Suriname SR 1
San Marino SM 1
Cote D`Ivoire CI 1
Nicaragua NI 1
Myanmar MM 1
Andorra AD 1
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya LY 1
American Samoa AS 1
Benin BJ 1
Zambia ZM 1
Solomon Islands SB 1
Mongolia MN 1
Mozambique MZ 1
Swaziland SZ 1
Not recognised 13220

Hit count: 63903

Note: site hits are counted only at the site home page.

Where do “Old Testament Studies” visitors come from?

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