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Sojourn, Exodus, Conquest
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Old Testament Covenants and law-codes - some other examples

Made by the Israelites with others

The Gibeonites
Joshua 9 and 10 describes a vassal treaty made by the Israelites with the Gibeonites. The Gibeonites voluntarily enter into vassalage to the Israelites (see 9:8, 'We are your servants/slaves') but then have a right to expect protection from their attackers (10:6). It is likely that this pattern was followed by some of the other former inhabitants of Canaan - there are several places in late Joshua and early Judges where it is recorded that the Israelites "subjected XXX to forced labour".

Hiram of Tyre
The relationships between David of Israel and Hiram of Tyre fit the category of a parity treay, though we do not have anything like a complete text. The treaty was renewed in more elaborate terms by Solomon. 1 Kings 5:1 uses a Hebrew word 'loved' (often translated 'on friendly terms with') to express the relationship, and in 1 Kings 9:13 Hiram calls Solomon 'brother'. The treaty appears to have been inherited by the northern kingdom after Solomon's death and the consequent division, and the marriage of Ahab to Jezebel can be seen as part of a renewal event.

Made by the Israelites with Yahweh
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Sojourn, Exodus, Conquest