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p. Chester Beatty verso love poem 1


One and only sweet sister without substitute,
most resplendent amongst all women.

She appears as the daystar goddess unveils
at the start of a splendid year.

Daylight magnificence, shining skin,
beautiful eyes to behold.
Sweet are her lips in her discourse,
no word for her is too much.

Neck over high shining star-strewn breast,
lapis true lazuli hair.
Her outstretching arms a harvest of gold,
her fingers petal like lotus.

Tight is her waist belted under her heart,
prolonged in her thighs is her splendour.
Shapely stepping across the land,
she harvests my heart as she circles.

She turns the erect neck of every male
go twisting around to address her.
O delight! Whoever should circle with her,
he would be the leader of lovers.

Behold! She sets out to be noticed
like that goddess, the Only One.