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p. Chester Beatty verso love poem 7


Past days - seven with no sight of sweet sister:
Penetrating weakness has come to me,
making my body an unshaped block,
forgotten my own self's flesh.

As to the coming of the supreme physicians -
discontent fills my heart at their prescriptions.
These acolytes all fall at this place -
undiscerned my sickness' source.

But should someone say, “See her here” - oh, given life!
Her name - ah, it arouses me!
In to and out from her travel our messengers,
oh, giving life to my heart!

Better for me sweet sister than all these remedies
Superior she to me than these recipes
My invocation charm is her sweet entrance -
Her appearance, my rejuvenation.

She opens her eyes, makes youthful my body
When she speaks then I flourish anew
I come to her embrace, she slays sorrow of soul -
She slipped out from my sight seven days past.