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David's Lament, 2 Samuel 1:19-27


David's Lament, 2 Samuel 1:19-27

My longed-for, Yisra'el, upon your high places is pierced -

                        Ah, fallen the Mighty.

Neither declare it in Gath
nor bear news to the markets of Ashqelon
        lest they rejoice - the daughters of the Pelishtim
        lest they exult - the daughters of the uncircumcised.

Mountains of Gilboa‘ -
        no rain nor dew upon you
        or the high terraced fields -
for there was debased the shield of the Mighty
shield of Sha'ul no more anointed with oil.

From the blood of the pierced,
from the innards of the mighty
the bow of Yehonathan did not pull back
or the sword of Sha'ul return empty.

Sha'ul, Yehonathan -
loved and lovely in your life
and in your death inseparable -
        among eagles, swift,
        among lions, strong.

Daughters of Yisra'el, for Sha'ul shed tears:
        your clothing scarlet with adornments
        he set ornaments of gold upon your garments.

                        Ah, fallen the Mighty in the midst of strife.

Yehonathan upon your pinnacles is pierced -
distress is mine concerning you, my brother -

Yehonathan you were delightful to me:
deeply wonderful your love was to me,
more than the love of wives.

                        Ah, fallen the Mighty, perished the vessels of strife.