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Deborah's Song - Judges 5


So on that day Deborah and Baraq son of Abino'am sang, saying:

For the leading of leaders in Yisra'el,
for the volunteering of the people, bless Yahweh!

Listen, you kings!
Give ear, you leaders!
I to Yahweh, I, I will sing,
making music of praise to Yahweh, God of Yisra'el.

Yahweh! At your setting out from Seir,
At your marching from the open fields of Edom,
the land quaked, yes, the skies dripped
yes, the clouds dripped water.
The mountains melted before the face of Yahweh -
He of Sinai - before the face of Yahweh, God of Yisra'el!

In the days of Shamgar son of ‘Anath,
in the days of Ya'el, deserted were the paths
and travellers on roads travelled paths all round about.
Deserted the villages in Israel, deserted
until I rose up, Deborah,
I rose up a mother in Yisra'el.

The choosing of God is new:
then strife at the city gates
with shield - if seen - or spear
among forty thousand in Yisra'el.
My heart is for the lawgivers of Yisra'el,
for the volunteers among the people - bless Yahweh!

Riders on tawny donkeys -
dwellers among cloth drapes -
travellers on the way - ponder this!
From darting voices around the watering-places -
where they recount the righteous acts of Yahweh,
righteous acts among his villages in Yisra'el -
then down to the city gates go the people of Yahweh!

Arise, arise Deborah!
Arise, arise, tell this in song!
Rise up, Baraq and capture your captives, son of Abinoam.
Then down went the remnant to join the renowned of the people,
Yahweh came down to me amidst the mighty.
Some of Ephrayim, rooted in Amaleq:
“After you, Binyamin amidst your people!”
Some of Makir came down, officers,
and from Zebulun leaders with the mustering staff.
and the chiefs in Yissakhar were with Deborah -
yes, Yissakhar was with Baraq,
into the deep place they hurried at his feet.

Among the divisions of Re’uben
were great heart-searchings.
Why did you rest among your encampments,
listening to the piping to the flocks?
For the divisions of Re’uben there were great heart-searchings.
Gilead beyond the Yorden was settled,
and Dan - why turn aside and be at ease?
Asher rested in his haven many days
and at his landing-places was settling.
Zebulun's people tested themselves to the point of death,
and Naphtali on the high fields.

Came kings and battled
then battled kings of Canaan
by Taanach at the water of Megiddo -
but plunder and silver they did not seize.
From the skies they battled -
the stars from their paths battled with Sisera -
River Qishon swept them away,
River of Ages, River Qishon.
“Stride out, my soul, in strength.”
Then was hammering of hooves of the horse,
overwhelming rushing of the valiant.

Curse Meroz, said the messenger of Yahweh,
curse thoroughly those living there -
for they did not come to the help of Yahweh,
to help Yahweh among the mighty.

Surely blessed among women is Ya'el,
wife of Cheber the Qeynite -
among women in tents she is surely blessed.
Water he asked, milk she gave
in a bowl for the renowned she brought curdled milk.
Her hand to the stake went out,
her right hand to the hammer of workmen.
She hammered Sisera, she crushed his head,
she smote and pierced his temple.
Between her legs he bowed, he fell, he lay
between her legs he bowed, he fell:
in the place where he bowed, there he fell - destroyed.

Up at the window she leans and calls out -
the mother of Sisera at the lattice:
“why the delay for his chariot to come?
why the wait for the clatter of his chariots?”
The wisest of her ladies spoke out -
indeed she repeats her words to her -
“Are they not taking and sharing the plunder -
a girl - a pair of girls - for the head of a fighter.
Plunder! Dyed clothing for Sisera!
Plunder! Dyed clothing with embroidery!
Dyed cloth with elaborate embroidery on his neck as plunder.”
Even so may perish all your enemies, Yahweh
and may those who love you appear like the sun in its might!

Then peace in the land forty years.