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Genesis 11:1-9


Now there was for all the earth a single voice and a single set of words, and on their trail from the east they found a vale in the land of Shin‘ar, and they settled there.

Then they spoke, every man to his fellow,
“Come, let us bake bricks and fire them fiercely”
and so for them baked bricks were stone blocks, and tar for them was mortar,
and they said
“Come, let us make for ourselves a town and a tower whose head is in the heavens
and take for ourselves a name, lest we be scattered across the face of all the earth.”

Then Yahweh came down to see the town and the tower set up by the seed of Adam

and Yahweh spoke:

“See a single people and a single voice for all, and this they set out to make.
For now, nothing is beyond their reach that they can scheme to make:
Come, let us go down and break there their voice so no man can hear the voice of his fellow.”

So Yahweh scattered them from there across the face of all the earth, and they deserted the foundation of the town. On this account Babel was proclaimed as its name, for there Yahweh broke open the babble of all the earth and from there Yahweh scattered them across the face of all the earth.