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Genesis 4:1-10


The human was intimate with Chawwah his woman, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Qayin, saying
“I have made a man with Yahweh”.

She continued, giving birth to his brother, Hebel.
Hebel was a shepherd of flocks, while Qayin laboured on the land.

After some days had passed, Qayin brought some of the fruit of the land as an offering to Yahweh, and Hebel, now he brought some of the first-born of his flocks and their fat. Yahweh looked well on Hebel and his offering, but on Qayin and his offering he did not look well.

Qayin was very angry: his face fell. Yahweh said to Qayin,
“Why does anger inflame you? And why has your face fallen?
If you do well in this, will it not be lifted up?
But if you do not do well, at your doorway squats sin -
it thirsts after you, but it is you who must master it.”

Qayin spoke to Hebel his brother. A time came that they were in the open country: Qayin rose up against Hebel his brother and killed him.

Yahweh said to Qayin,
“Where is Hebel your brother?”
He replied,
“I do not know: keep watch over my brother should I?”

But he said
“What have you done?
The voice of the blood of your brother is crying out to me from the land,
and now cursed are you from the land, which has opened its mouth to take the blood of your brother from your hand.,
When you labour on the land it will not continue to give its strength to you. Vagrant and displaced you shall be across the earth.”

Qayin said to Yahweh,
“Greater is my punishment than I can bear. See, you have cast me out this day from the face of the land: I shall be unseen, vagrant and displaced across the earth, and from now any who find me will kill me.”

But Yahweh said to him,,
“Since this is so, any who kill Qayin, sevenfold will suffer recompense”,
and Yahweh appointed for Qayin a sign so as to avert the violence of any who would find him.

Then Qayin went away from the face of Yahweh and settled in the country of Nod, east of Eden.