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Isaiah 40:1-11


Isaiah 40:1-11

Be comforted, be comforted, my people, says your God

Declare to the heart of Yerushalim and cry out to her
    since done is her labour
    since over her sentence
    since she took from the hand of Yahweh
    twice over for each time astray.

A call cries out:

    “In the wilderness clear away the path of Yahweh
     make smooth in the steppes a road for our God.

     Every vale will be raised
     and each high hill brought low
     and the steep to be smooth
     and the crag to be cleft
     and revealed the glory of Yahweh
     and see it shall all life as one”

since the mouth of Yahweh has declared it.

A voice says “Cry out”
saying “What shall I cry?”:

that each life is grassland
and all of its kindness like blooms on the field.

Shrivelled the grassland,
withered the blossom
since breath of Yahweh blows across it.

        Surely grassland the kindred.

Shrivelled the grassland,
withered the blossom
and the word of our God stands for ever.

Upon the great mountain rise up then:

    “Tidings of life O Tsiyon!
                 - lift up with vigour your voice.
     Tidings of life Yerushalam!
                 - lift up do not fear”.

Say to the towns of Yehudah,

    “Here is your God!
     Here is Adonay Yahweh
                 in might he arrives
                 and his strong arm will reign for him.
     Here his reward is with him
                 and his work is before him”.

Like a shepherd his flock he will pastor,
in his strength gather near his lambs
and at his breast he will lift
those who suckle he leads.