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Isaiah 49:14-23


Isaiah 49:14-23

Said Tsiyon:
Abandoned I by Yahweh
and Adonay has forgotten me.

“Can she forget, a woman her breast-feeding child,
nurture-feeling for the child of her womb?
        Even should she forget,
        surely I will never forget.
        See, upon my palms you are cut deep,
        your walls in front of me continually.

Hastening back your sons -
        those who threw you down and desolated you
        far from you are gone -
lift round about your eyes and see
all of them gathered and coming to you.

Living am I! This is the oracle of Yahweh,
        that all of them like ornaments will clothe you
        and you will bind them on like an entering bride.

For your desolate and desecrated places
and the land of your overthrow
are now too cramped for dwelling,
and going far distant are your dominators.
Moreover they will say in your hearing -
the children of your childlessness -
        ‘Cramped for me this place,
        make way for me and I will return’.
And you will say in your heart,
        ‘Who birthed for me these? -
            and I childless and barren,
            exposed then thrust aside -
        and these, who helped them grow?
            See, I was left lone -
        these, where were they?’”

Look who speaks! Adonay Yahweh!

“See now, I lift up to the nations my hand
and to the peoples my standard raise up,
and they will bring back your sons in their bosom
and your daughters on their shoulders lifted high.
Then there will be kings as your patrons
and great ladies as your nurse-maids.
Faces to the earth they will prostrate themselves to you
and the dust at your feet they will lick.

Then you will know that I indeed am Yahweh
who will never put to shame those who wait for me.”