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Joshua 10:6-15


The men of Gibe‘on sent to Yehoshua‘, to the encampment of Gilgal, saying,

Do not let fall your hand from your servants: come up to us swiftly and deliver us. And help us, because gathered are all the kings of the Emoriy settled in the mountains”.

Then Yehoshua‘ went up from Gilgal, he and all the fighting men with him, and all the strong men of prowess, and Yahweh said to Yehoshua‘,

Do not fear among them, for into your hand they are given: they will not stand, not a man among them, before your face”.

So he came against them, Yehoshua‘ - suddenly all through the night he came up from Gilgal and Yahweh confused them before the face of Yisra'el, and they inflicted a great slaughter at Gibe‘on. Then they pursued them on the way, the ascent to Beth Choron, and they afflicted them as far as ‘Azeqah and as far as Maqqedah. And so it was in their flight from the face of Yisra'el, they were on the descent of Beth Choron, that Yahweh flung upon them great stones from the sky as far as ‘Azeqah and they died in great numbers: those who died in the hail stones were more than those killed by the children of Yisra'el on the sword.

Then spoke Yehoshua‘ to Yahweh on the day that Yahweh handed over the Emoriy to the face of Yisra'el, and he said before the eyes of Yisra'el,

Sun over Gibe‘on be still
and Moon over the Valley of Ayyalon.
Then still the Sun
and Moon was stopped,
until avenged was the nation on its enemies.

Is this not written on the Book of Yashar?

So stopped the sun in the division of the day in the skies, and it did not rush to go for about a complete day. Now there was not a day like this before or after, when Yahweh heeded the voice of a man, for Yahweh was fighting for Yisra'el.

Then Yehoshua‘ returned, and all Yisra'el with him, to the encampment of Gilgal.