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Judges 11

1. Now Yiphtah of Gile‘ad, he was a soldier of renown: he was the son of a prostitute woman, and Yiphtah had been sired by Gile‘ad.  
2. But the wife of Gile‘ad bore him sons, and the sons of this woman grew up and drove Yiphtah out, saying to him “You shall not inherit in the house of our father, for you are the son of a different woman.”  
3. So Yiphtah fled the presence of his brothers and settled in the land of Tob, and there gathered around Yiphtah some worthless men, and they went about with him.  
4. Now it happened that after some time the sons of ‘Ammon made war with Yisra’el,  
5. and it also happened that when the sons of ‘Ammon battled with Yisra’el the elders of Gile‘ad came to fetch Yiphtah from the land of Tob,  
6. and they said to Yiphtah, “Come and be with us as war leader, and we will battle with the sons of ‘Ammon.”  
7. But Yiphtah said to the elders of Gile‘ad, “Was it not you who hated me and drove me out from the house of my father: so why do you come to me now that distress is on you?”  
8. But the elders of Gile‘ad said to Yiphtah, “Therefore now we turn to you: so come with us and do battle with the sons of ‘Ammon, and you can be to us head over all who live in Gile‘ad.”  
9. and Yiphtah said to the elders of Gile‘ad, “Suppose you have returned with me to fight the sons of ‘Ammon, and Yahweh hands them over because of my presence, then I will be for you as head?”  
10. Then the elders of Gile‘ad said to Yiphtah, “Yahweh will hear what is between us if there is a difference between your words and our deeds.”  
11. So Yiphtah went with the elders of Gile‘ad and the people appointed him over them as chief and war commander, and Yiphtah spoke all his words in the presence of Yahweh at Mitspah