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Miriam's Song (the Song of the Sea) - Exodus 15

This reconstruction includes some elements from the additional study pages.


Then Mosheh sang this song with the children of Yisra'el to Yahweh, proclaiming:

        Sing will I to Yahweh, for he has excelled exalted!
        Horse and his charioteer he threw into the sea.

My strength and my music of praise Yahweh:
he is to me my salvation.
This is my El, I set Him on high,
God of my father who I place at my heart.

        Yahweh is a man of war!
        Yahweh is His name!

The chariots of Pharaoh's force he cast into the sea,
and the best of his commanders have sunk into Yam Suph.
The deeps have spread over them,
they dropped into the depths like stone.

        Your right hand O Yahweh - majestic in power!
        Your right hand O Yahweh - it shattered the enemy!

In your great exaltation you throw down your rivals,
unleash your burning anger and consume them like chaff.
In the breath of your anger heaped up the waters -
standing still like a stack the stream,
curdled deeps in the heart of the sea.

Said the foe “I chase, I catch -
split the spoil, sate my soul -
unsheathe my sword, ruin him with my right hand!”
You blew with your breath, spread over them the sea,
they submerged like lead in the waters of majesty.

                         Who like you among the gods? Yahweh!
                         Who like you? Majestic in holiness,
                         astounding in praises, working wonder!

You reached out your right hand, engulfed they were by earth.

You guide in your kindness these kinfolk you adopted,
you lead in your strength to your hearthplace of holiness.

They have heard and the nations are shaken:
        anguish grips the dwellers of Pelasheth -
                then troubled the leaders of Edom,
                the chieftains of Mo'ab seized by trembling -
        melted away all the dwellers of Cana'an,
Fallen upon them are terror and dread!
At the greatness of your arm they are struck silent like stone

        Even as they pass by - your kindred, Yahweh -
        even as they pass by - these kinfolk you have acquired.
        You gather them in to your enclosure of holiness,
        you root them on the mountain of your estate,
        the foundation of your dwelling that you made, Yahweh,
        the holy place, Yahweh, founded by your hands.
        It is Yahweh who will reign always and for ever!

So went the horse of Pharaoh - with his chariotry and with his riders - into the sea,

        and Yahweh brought back on them the waters of the sea,

but the children of Yisra'el went on the dried-up land in the middle of the sea.
Then took Miryam the prophetess, sister of Aharon, the timbrel in her hand,
and followed all the women after her with timbrels and the dance,
and she celebrated for them, Miryam:

        Sing you all to Yahweh, for he has excelled exalted!
        Horse and his charioteer he threw into the sea.