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Numbers 21:10-31


Then they broke camp, the children of Yisra'el, and encamped at Oboth,
and they broke camp from Oboth,and encamped at ‘Iyyim of the ‘Abarim,
        in the wilderness which is facing Mo'ab, from the rising of the sun.
From there they broke camp and encamped in the Wadi Zared.
From there they broke camp and encamped in the region beside the Arnon,
        which is in the wilderness going out from the boundary of the Emoriy,
        for the Arnon was the boundary of Mo'ab, between Mo'ab and the Emoriy.

On this basis it is said in the Annals of the Wars of Yahweh:

        ... Waheb in Çuphah
        and the wadis of Arnon
        and the slopes of the wadis
        that reach to the dwelling-place of ‘Ar
        and incline to the boundary of Mo'ab.

And from there to Be'er: this is the well where Yahweh said to Mosheh, “Gather the people and I will provide for them water”.

Then sang Yisra'el this song:

        Rise up, well,
        All hymn to her, the well
        searched out by the chieftains
        and dug by the princely among the people.
        with staff of office, with working staff.

Then from the wilderness, Mattanah,
and from Mattanah, Nachaliy'el,
and from Nachaliy'el, Bamoth,
and from Bamoth, the valley which is in the open fields of Mo'ab, the head of Piçgah, and the vantage point overlooking the wasteland.



Then Yisra'el sent messengers to Çiychon king of the Emoriy, saying

Let me pass through your land. We will not turn aside into a field or vineyard, we will not drink water of a well: on the way of the kings we will walk until we have passed through your territory.

But Çiychon would not permit Yisra'el passage into his territory, and they gathered, Çiychon and all his people, and they set off to confront Yisra'el, into the wilderness, and they came to Yahets and waged war against Yisra'el. Then Yisra'el struck them with the mouth of the sword and took possession of all his land, from the Arnon as far as Yabboq, as far as the children of Ammon, for at that time this was the boundary of the children of Ammon. For Cheshbon was the city of Çiychon, king of the Emoriy, and he had waged war against the former king of Mo'ab, and had taken all his cities from his hand, as far as Arnon.

On this basis the proverbs say:

    Go to Cheshbon, may it be built
    and restored, the city of Çiychon.

    For fire went out from Cheshbon,
    a flame from the settlement of Çiychon.
    It devoured ‘Ar of Mo'ab,
    the lords of the high places of Arnon.
    Woe to you, Mo'ab,
    ruined are you, people of Kemosh:
    he allowed his sons to be fugitives
    and his daughters to be captives
    because of the king of Emoriy - Çiychon.

        And we threw them down!

    Ruined is Cheshbon as far as Diybon
    and we ravaged as far as Nophach -
    which is as far as Meydeba.

Thus settled Yisra'el in the cities of the Emoriy.