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p. Harris 500 Song Cycle 2 love poem 2

In order to display this page correctly, you will need the Egyptian transliteration font made available by the Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research, Faculty of Theology, Utrecht University, Holland, Once you have entered that site, choose the top-level heading “egyptological resources” and scroll down the page to get to the link for the font. You will need the font if the letters after the word “Sample” below show in ordinary typeface - if the font has been correctly installed then when the page is refreshed you will see various additional marks above or below the letters.

Sample: AadDhxHXkqsS

1. The voice of the restless goose cries out xrw xni gb bw-Hr sbHwt
2. wrapped up in this his lure - mHwy m tAy.f wawy
3. your love for me entangles me tAyk mrwt.i sxtxti
4. too innocent indeed to loosen this - bw-rxi sfxn ti st
5. so I go to my own nets to fetch them in iw.i r nAy Snw iniw Ss
6. How tell all this to mother - ix kAi n mwt
7. setting out to her each outcast day Smti r st n nw hrw
8. going heavy to her with catch - iwi Atp kw m gry
9. that no snare split open on this day's round bw-grg pxA xt m hrw
10. while I was seized with love for you iTi.i mrwt twk