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Proverbs 8:22-31

22. Yahweh made me the starting-point of his way,
the beginning of his deeds from of old.
YHWH qânânîy rê’shîyth darekhôw
qedem miph‘âlâyw mê’âz
23. From antiquity established was I,
from the start, from the beginnings of the earth.
mê‘ôlâm niççakhetîy
mêrô’sh miqqademêy-’ârets
24. When there was no abyss I writhed in birth,
when there were no springs resplendent with water,
be’êyn-tehômôwth chôwlâletîy
be’êyn ma‘yânôwth nikhebaddêy-mayim
25. before the mountains sank into place,
in the presence of the hills I writhed in birth
beterem hârîym hâtebâ‘û
liphenêy gebâ‘ôwth chôwlâletîy
26. until he made the earth and its open spaces,
and the start of the dust of habitation.
‘ad-lô’ ‘âsâh ’erets wechûtsôwth
werô’sh ‘apherôwth têbêl
27. As he arranged the heavens there was I,
as he bounded the circle on the face of the abyss,
bahakhîynôw shâmayim sham ’ânîy
bechuqôw chûg ‘al-penêy thehôwm
28. as he solidifed the clouds from above,
as he made mighty the springs of the abyss,
be’ammetsôw shechâqîym mimmâ‘al
ba‘azôwz ‘îynôwth tehôwm
29. as he set for the Sea its boundary -
that the waters would not cross his command -
as he bounded the foundations of the earth.
besûmôw layyâm chuqqôw
ûmayim lô’ ya‘aberû-pîyôw
bechûqôw môwçedêy ’ârets
30. And I was close beside him, true handiworker,
and I was in delight day after day,
playing in his presence all the time,
wâ’ehyeh ’etselôw ’âmôn
wâ’ehyeh sha‘ashû‘îym yôwm yôwm
mesacheqeth lephânâyw bekhol-‘êth
31. playing in the habitations of his earth,
and delighting in the children of Adam.
mesacheqeth bethêbêl ’aetsôw
wesha‘ashû‘ay ’eth-benêy ’âdâm