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Psalm 104


Give blessing, my soul, unto Yahweh -
O Yahweh my God, great indeed you are.

True splendour and dignity clothe you -
        enveloped in light like a garment
        extending the sky like a drape.

He sets rafters on waters for his upper chambers,
appointing the clouds as his chariot
passing on wing-tips of Breath:
        making his messengers breathlings,
        his ministers fire that flames.

He established the earth on its resting-place,
        not to be overthrown now or forever.
The oceans like clothing had smothered it:
        over the mountains stood upright the waters,
away from your reprimand they fled away -
        from the voice of your thunder they hurried -
up over the mountains down into the valleys,
back into the place you established for them:
        the border you set: never to cross it,
        never to come back to smother the earth -

arising as springs in the wadis,
between the high mountains they pass
giving water to all of the life of the steppes -
        so they slake the wild donkeys a-thirsting,
        above them the sky-birds are resting,
                from in between foliage offering voice -
to give water to mountains from his upper chambers -
        from fruits of your making, now satisfied is the earth -
causing fodder to grow for the cattle
        and greenery there for the labour of man
who brings bread forth from earth,
also wine to give joy to the heart of humanity
        brightening faces from oil
                and bread for the heart of humanity's sustenance.

Satisfied now are the woodlands of Yahweh,
the cedars of Lebanon planted:
        in these now the songbirds are building,
        the stork in the conifers housed.
The great mountains are there for the mountain goats,
crags a rock refuge for badgers.

All made by the moon are the times for the seasons,
the sun comprehends his transitions:
he indicates darkness and it becomes night:
comes out swarming then life of the forests:
        the young roaring lions are out for the prey
        and to search out from El their provision.
With new dawning sun they are gathered
and into their lairs lie stretched down:
so then out arrives Adam for work
and for labour until evening rests.

How great are your doings, O Yahweh,
for all, all in wisdom your deeds
and filled up is the earth with your makings.
And here is the sea, great and broad of span
swarming there - noone can number them -
living things small beside great:
in there shipping is going:
Liuyathan, he who you fashioned to frolic within.

So all these for you are awaiting in hope
to be given their food in their time:
        you give it to them, they gather it up -
        you open your hand: they are satisfied with good things.
Should you cover your face, they are shaken:
you gather their breath, they expire,
and back into dust they return.
Should you send forth your Breath they are made:
you renew the whole face of the ground.

This is the glory of Yahweh for ever:
rejoicing is Yahweh in what he has done.
You consider the earth and it trembles,
reach out to the mountains and they rise in smoke.

I will sing out to Yahweh throughout all my life,
making music of praise to my God in my time:
may sweet unto him be my musing:
as I, even I, am rejoicing in Yahweh.

May finished be faults from the earth,
and wickedness - let there be none.

Give blessing, my soul, to Yahweh - Hallelu Yah!