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Psalm 45


To the music director.
On “Lilies”, for the sons of Qorach.
A wisdom song: a song of lovers.

Astir in my heart is a goodly word,
        out-tell I my verses for the king,
                my tongue a quill for a skilled scribe.

Most handsome of the children of Adam
        melted grace is on your lips -
                for this are you blessed by God always.

Strap sword to your side, O Mighty One -
                oh, your splendour and your majesty -
and your majesty: advance! ride out! -
                upon the word of faithfulness and the meekness of virtuous conduct -
and display astounding deeds with your right hand.
Your fletched flights are sharpened -
        your vassals will fall
                on the heart of the foes of the king.

Your divine dignity is always and forever:
                a staff of justice is the staff of your kingdom.
You love right conduct and hate wickedness:
        for this are you anointed by God, your God
                with oil of joy above your companions.

Myrrh and aloes, cassia all your raiment,
                from courts of ivory my harp strings gladden you.
Daughters of kings are your sweet consorts
                attending the royal concubine at your right hand in gold of Ophiyr.

Hear me, O daughter, and take note, and incline your ear,
                and forget your people and the house of your father.
Now you are desired by the king for your loveliness:
                he indeed is your master, so bow down now to him.
The daughter of Tsor with tribute
                your presence desires with the wealthy of the people.

All glorious is the daughter of the king within
        of plaited gold her garment,
                in brocade she is brought to the king.
Maids follow her as companions -
                they make entrance for you -
they are brought in to her in delight and excitement:
                they come to the court of the king.

After your fathers there will be your sons -
                you will set them as princes in all of the land.
I will make known your name ever - generation after generation -
                for this the peoples will praise you always and forever.