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Psalm 51


For the choir director, a worship song of David,
on the visit of Nathan the prophet
concerning the time he went in to Bath Sheba‘

Be gracious to me, O God, according to your kindness,
according to the greatness of your nurture wipe away my faults.

Thoroughly wash me from my wrong-doing
and from my flaws make me clean,
for my faults indeed I know,
and my flaws are plain to me continually.

Before you, before only you I have failed,
and the harm in your eyes is of my own making,
for indeed you are right in your speech,
you are pure in your judgement.

Surely in wrong-doing I writhed at birth,
flawed even in the hot passion of my mother.
Surely faithfulness delights you in the hidden places
and in the sealed chamber, wisdom you impart to me.
Lave me with hyssop and I will be clean
wash me and even more than snow I shall be white

Cause me to hear celebration and gladness
allow rejoicing in the bones you have crushed
Turn away your face from my flaws
and all my wrong-doing wipe away.

A heart that is clean create for me O God,
and a spirit that is sure renew inside me.
Do not fling me away from your face,
and the spirit of your holiness, do not take it from me.
Restore I pray to me celebration in your salvation
and a spirit that is willing foster in me.

I will teach those at fault your ways
and those who are flawed to you restore.

Snatch me away from blood-guilt O God,
O God of my deliverance.

Cry out my tongue of your right dealings -
Adonay my lips will open,
and my mouth declare your praises,
since you do not delight in sacrifice - or I would give it -
offered-up things you do not favour.

The sacrifices of God are a spirit broken
a heart broken and crushed
O God, do not despise.

Make good I pray in your favour to Tsiyon,
rebuild the walls of Yerushalam.
Then you will delight in sacrifices of right relationship,
offerings burnt and whole.

Then offered up on your altar are young bulls.