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Psalm 55


For the choir director, on strings, a contemplation of David.

Give ear, O God, to my prayer,
and do not conceal yourself from my plea for grace.

Lean over to me and answer me -
I prove restless in my anxiety and am unquiet
at the voice of my enemies, in the face of the pressure of the wicked,
            for they shake down on me sorrow
            and in every breath cherish ill-will against me.

My heart writhes in my inmost being
and deathly terrors have dropped on top of me.
Trembling fear has invaded me
and I am overwhelmed by shaking.

And I cried out, “Ah, who will give me wings
like the dove, that I could fly away, that I could rest.
            Look! I would slip fluttering far away,
            would take shelter in the wilderness - Çelah -
            would hasten to a haven that is mine
            out of the storm of the rushing tempest.”

Confuse, O Adonay, divide their tongues,
for I witnessed violence and strife in the city.
Day and night they circle about her on her walls
and sorrow and trouble are within her.
Calamity is within her
and never far from her open places are injury and deceipt.

Surely no enemy taunts me - then I could bear it -
no despiser of me, upon me has done great things -
then I could hide myself from them -
but you - a man like my own equal -
my intimate and my familiar
who united with me made sweet converse
in the house of God, among the congregation.

Desolations upon them! May they go down into She'ol yet living,
since evils are at their sojourn, even in their midst.

Surely I to God will cry out
            and he will be a saviour to me.
At dusk and at dawn and at day's height I will grieve and I will groan
            and he will hear my voice.

He ransomed into peace my soul from the war about me -
            surely in droves they stood against me -
he will hear - O El -
            and he will make answer to them -
and he has been enthroned from of old   Çelah

The one who never changes
and never has fear of God,
he stretched out his hands against those in peace with him
and defiled his covenant.
Smoother than curds his mouth, yet hostility in his heart,
softer his words than oil,
yet they were open blades.

Unload onto Yahweh your burden - surely he can contain you,
he will never permit, even to eternity, the shake-down of the righteous.

Then you, O God, will bring them down
            into the hollow pit -
                        the men of traitorous blood
                                    who will not divide their days.

But I, surely I will trust in you.