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Psalm 61


For the choir director,
upon negiynath, for David,

Hear, O God, my outcry,
be inclined to my prayer -
from the extremity of earth unto you I cry out in the faintness of my heart,
to the Rock aloft above me guide me on.

Since you have been a refuge for me,
                                a guard-tower of strength from the face of the enemy,
I would be guest within your tent through every age,
        take refuge in the secret place of your wings.

· Çelâh ·

Since you, O God, you listened to my vows
you granted the inheritance of those who fear your name.
Days upon days of the king grant increase
                                his years like generation after generation.

May he dwell for ever before your face, O God,
loving-kindness and faithfulness appoint to watch over him.
Therefore will I make music of praise of your name always
        to make good my vows day after day.