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Psalm 68


For the choir director. A worship melody of David: a song.

Let Elohim arise, and his enemies will be scattered:
those who hate him will flee before his face.
As smoke is driven they will be driven away,
as wax melts before the face of fire -
the wicked will perish before the face of Elohim.
But glad will be the righteous: they will delight in the face of Elohim,
they will rejoice with gladness.

Sing to Elohim! Make music of praise to his name!
Raise up a way for the Rider in the Plains by his name Yah!
Be triumphant at his face!
Father of orphans and judge of widows
is Elohim in the dwelling-place of his holiness.
Elohim restores individuals into households,
leads out prisoners into places of prosperity -
but the rebellious ever dwell in a thirsty land.

Elohim! At your setting out in front of your people,
at your marching in the wasteland - Çelah! -
the land quaked, the skies wept before the face of Elohim -
even Sinai - before Elohim, God of Israel!
Gracious gifts you rain down, Elohim:
surely you established your inheritance when she was exhausted.
Your community settled there,
you made the needy strong with your happiness, Elohim.

Adonay offers the word -
is there a great army to spread the news?
Kings of armies flee in haste
while pretty girls at home divide the plunder.
Even as you lie in your encampments,
the wings of a dove are covered with silver
and her plumage with pale gold.
Shadday scatters kings as
snowfall on Tsalmon.
Mountain of Elohim, mountain of Bashan,
many-peaked mountain, mountain of Bashan.
Why look askance, you mountain ridges
at the mountain in which Elohim delights to take his rest?
Surely Yahweh will abide there forever!
The chariotry of Elohim is twice ten thousand, thousand after thousand,
Adonay is amongst them like Sinai in sacredness.
You climbed to the heights - you took captivity captive,
you took gifts among mankind,
yes, even the rebellious - Yah Elohim abides there.

Blessed be Adonay -
day after day he carries burdens for us -
the God of our deliverance - Çelah!
El is for us, El of liberating deeds,
and to Yahweh Adonay
belong the frontiers of death.
Surely Elohim will shatter the head of his adversary,
the hairy crown of
the one carrying on in his guilt.
Adonay said, “I will return from Bashan,
I will return even from the deeps of the sea
in order that you may stamp your feet in his blood,
so that your dog's tongues
have their share of your enemies.”

They watch your procession, Elohim,
the procession of my El, my king, into the holy place.
First are the singers, last the musicians,
between come young women with tambourines,
in their congregations blessing Elohim,
Adonay, from whose well is Israel.
There is Binyamin, small but in the lead,
chieftains of Yehudah throng after them,
chieftains of Zebulun, chieftains of Naphtali.
Your God commands your strength:
so be mighty, Elohim,
this you have done for us in the past!

From your temple at Yerushalam,
where kings bring tribute to you,
rebuke those who live in sticks -
a company of the mighty like tribal calves,
squatting down amongst pieces of silver.
Scatter those people who delight in confrontation!
Representatives will come out of Egypt,
Kush will lift eager hands to Elohim.
Kingdoms of the earth, sing to Elohim,
make praise music to Adonay! - Çelah! -
to the Rider of the highest of the ancient skies.
Hear! He speaks in his mighty voice of power!
Ascribe might to Elohim:
upon Israel is his majesty
and his power among the clouds.

Elohim, you inspire awe from your holy place.
El of Israel is he, giver of strength and solidity to the people.
Blessed be Elohim!