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Psalm 68 - analysis of words used

1. a) lamnatstsêach - to the choir master / musical director, from nâtsach, be pre-eminent, Pi‘êl act as overseer
b) ledâwid - to David
c) mizemôwr - a worship song, from zâmar, Pi‘êl only, make music in praise of God
d) shîyr - a song
lamnatstsêach ledâwid mizemôwr shîyr

2. a) yâqûm - he will arise / let him arise, from qûm, Qal imperfect 3ms
b) Elohim
c) yaphûtsû - they will be scattered/dispersed, from phûts, be scattered/dispersed, Qal imperfect 3MP
d) ’ôwyebâyw, his enemies
a) weyânûçû - and they will flee, from nûç, flee / escape, Qal imperfect 3MP
b) mesane’âyw - his haters, from sânê’, hate, Pi‘êl participle
c) mippânâyw - from his face/presence
yâqûm ’elôhîym yaphûtsû ’ôwyebâyw

weyânûçû mesane’âyw mippânâyw

3. a) kehinedôph - like the driving, from nâdaph, drive away/drive asunder, subjunctive
b) ‘âshân - smoke
c) tinedôph - he is driven away, from nâdaph, drive away/drive asunder, Qal imperfect 2MS
a) kehimmêç - like the melting/dissolving, from mâçaç, melt/dissolve, infinitive construct
b) dôwnag - wax
c) mippenêy-’êsh - from the face/presence of fire
a) yô’bedû - they will perish, from ’âbad, perish, Qal imperfect 3MP
b) reshâ‘îym - the wicked (pl)
c) mippenêy - from the face/presence of
d) Elohim
kehinedôph ‘âshân tinedôph

kehimmêç dôwnag mippenêy-’êsh

yô’bedû reshâ‘îym mippenêy ’elôhîym

4. a) wetsaddîyqîym - and the righteous
b) yismechû - they will rejoice/be glad, from sâmach, rejoice/be glad, Qal imperfect 3MP
c) ya‘aletsû - they will exult/rejoice, from ‘âlats, exult/rejoice, Qal imperfect 3MP
d) liphenêy - to the face/presence of
e) Elohim
a) weyâsîysû - they will exult/rejoice, from sûs/sîys, exult/rejoice, Qal imperfect 3MP
b) besimechâh - in joy/gladness/mirth, from sâmach, rejoice/be glad, Qal imperfect 3MP
wetsaddîyqîym yismechû ya‘aletsû liphenêy ’elôhîym

weyâsîysû besimechâh

5. a) shîyrû - sing, from shîyr, sing, Qal imperative plural
b) to Elohim
c) zammerû - make music of praise, from zâmar, Pi‘êl only, make music in praise of God, imperative plural
d) shemôw - his name
a) çôllû - lift up, from çâlal, lift up (esp raise up a highway), Qal imperative plural
b) lârôkhêb - to the rider
c) bâ‘arâbôwth - in the plains/deserts/steppes
d) beyâh - in/by/at Yah
e) shemôw - his name
a) we‘ilezû - and exult/triumph, from ‘âlaz, exult/triumph, Qal imperative plural
b) lephânâyw - to his face/presence
shîyrû lê’lôhîym zammerû shemôw

çôllû lârôkhêb bâ‘arâbôwth beyâh shemôw

we‘ilezû lephânâyw

6. a) ’abîy - father of
b) yethôwmîym - orphans/the helpless/the needy
c) wedayyan - and judge of
d) ’alemânôwth - widows
a) Elohim
b) bime‘ôwn - in the dwelling/habitation
c) qâdeshôw - his holiness
abîy yethôwmîym wedayyan ’alemânôwth

elôhîym bime‘ôwn qâdeshôw

7. a) Elohim
b) môwshîyb - restorer, from shûn, stand, Hiphîyl participle
c) yechîydîym - solitary ones
d) bayithâh - towards homes/households
a) môwtsîy’ - leader/bringer out, from yâtsâ’, go/come out, Hiphîyl participle
b) ’açîyrîym - bondsmen/prisoners, from ’âçar, tie up/imprison
c) bakkôwshârôwth - into the prosperities
a) ’akh - Only / in contrast / surely
b) çôwrerîym - the stubborn/rebellious, from çârar, be stubborn/rebellious, Qal participle
c) shâkhenû - they dwelt, from shâkhan, dwell, Qal perfect 3MP
d) tsechîychâh - scorched land, from tsâchach, be cloudless/thirsty/parched.
elôhîym môwshîyb yechîydîym bayithâh

môwtsîy’ ’açîyrîym bakkôwshârôwth

’akh çôwrerîym shâkhenû tsechîychâh

8. a) Elohim
b) betsê’thekhâ - in your setting out, from yâtsa’, go or come out - Qal infinitive construct + pronoun
c) liphenêy - to the face/presence of
d) ‘ammekhâ - your people

a) betsa‘dekhâ - in your marching, from tsâ‘ad, step / pace / march - Qal infinitive construct + pronoun
b) bîyshîymôwn - in the waste/wilderness/desolation, from yâsham, be desolate
c) çelâh - see notes

elôhîym betsê’thekhâ lipenêy ‘ammekhâ

betsa‘dekhâ bîyshîymôwn çelâh

9. a) ’erets - land / earth
b) râ‘âshâh - she shook, from râ‘ash, quake / shake - Qal perfect 3FS
c) ’aph-shâmayim - even/see the skies
d) nâtephû - dripped, from nâtaph, drop / drip - Qal perfect 3P
e) mippenêy - from the face/presence of
f) Elohim

a) zeh - this (demonstrative)
b) çîynay - Sinai
c) mippenêy - from the face/presence of
d) Elohim
e) Elohim (construct) of Israel

’erets râ‘âshâh ’aph-shâmayim nâtephû mippenêy ’elôhîym

zeh çîynay mippenêy ’elôhîym ’elôhêy yisrâ’êl