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Psalm 6


For the choir director, in strings, upon the eighth.
A worship song for David

Yahweh, do not in your passion rebuke me,
                    nor in your hot rage chasten me.

Favour me Yahweh, for feeble am I,
heal me, O Yahweh,
                        for shaken my bones
                        and my soul shaken deeply -
and as for you, Yahweh, how long?

Turn back, O Yahweh, uphold my soul,
rescue me for the sake of your kindness,
for none in death remember you -
in She'ol who gives thanks to you?

I weary in my sighing,
swimming through the night is my bed,
in my tears my mattress melts.
Wasted away with grief my eyes,
grown aged with all my assailants.

Turn aside from me you workers of wickedness,
for heeded has Yahweh the voice of my weeping,
heeded has Yahweh my favour-seeking,
Yahweh my prayer accepts.

Let them be taken aback and shaken deeply, each of my foes,
they will turn back, taken aback, all at once.