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Psalm 80


For the choir director, to “Lilies”
A testimony for Açaph, a worship song.

Shepherd of Yisra'el, listen,
leader of flock-like Yo�eph,
who is enthroned among the Kerubim, shine out.

Before the face of Ephraim, Binyamin and Manasseh
arouse your might,
stride out for salvation for us.

O God, restore us,
shed the light of your face and set us free.

Yahweh God of battles,
how long you have smouldered over the prayers of your people.
You fed them bread of tears
and gave them drink of tears thrice over,
you stationed us in strife before our neighbours
and our enemies, they mock this.

O God of battles, restore us,
shed the light of your face and set us free.

A vine out of Mitsrayim you trailed,
you drove out nations so you could plant her,
you cleared a place for her,
you rooted her: she took root and filled the land.
Covered were the mountains by her shade,
and by her branches the cedars of El.
She stretched out her boughs to the Sea
and to the River her suckling shoots.

Why then have you broken down her defences
that she is foraged by any who pass by along the road?
She is torn by wild boar of the forest
and the teeming life of the fields grazes her.

O God of battles, return I pray,
take note from heaven and see,
and tend to the vine - this one -
both the trunk you planted with your right hand
and even the sprig you secured for yourself.

She has been burnt by fire, she has been cut away -
from the rebuke of your face any would perish.
Let your hand be upon the man at your right hand,
even the sprig of Adam secured for yourself.

And we will not turn away from you:
give us life and in your name we will call out.

O Yahweh God of battles, restore us,
shed the light of your face and set us free.