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Psalm 90 - an intercession of Mosheh

1. An intercession of Mosheh the man of God.

Adonay, you have been a dwelling-place for us for generation after generation -
        even before the mountains were born
        and you laboured over the land and the countryside -
from everlasting to everlasting are you, El.

You return a man to shards
saying, “Return, sons of Adam”,
for a thousand years in your eyes
are like yesterday that passes by,
or a watch kept at night.

You wash them away; let them sleep,
in the morning passing away like the grass -
in the morning it blossoms and sprouts,
by the evening it fades and withers.

For we are spent by your anger,
and by your hot rage dismayed -
        you have set our misdeeds before you,
        our concealments in the outshining of your face -
surely all our days we decline at your fury
and we expend our years like a sigh.

The days of our years - in them are seventy years,
or perhaps with strength, eighty years -
even their pride is trouble and sorrow
for it passes swiftly over and has flown away.
Who can comprehend the fierceness of your anger?
and your fury is as your terror.

So teach us to be counting our days
and may a heart of wisdom be gained.

Return, Yahweh, to your people,
and have compassion toward your servants.
May your kindness satisfy us in the morning
and may a cry of joy and gladness be in all our days.
Gladden us to match the days of our affliction,
the years when we saw misery.
May your work for your servants be evident,
and your splendour upon their children.

May the delightfulness of Adonay our God approach us,
and make firm the work of our hands for us,
and make firm for us the work of our hands.