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Psalm 95


Come, let us call out aloud to Yahweh,
        shout for joy to the Rock of our deliverance.
Let us come before his face in thanksgiving,
        in music of praise shout for joy to him.

For a great god is Yahweh,
                                       and a great king above all gods,
who in his hand has the deep cracks of the land,
        and the pinnacles of the mountain peaks are his,
who for himself has the Sea that he shaped,
        and the dry land his hands fashioned.

Let us go, prostrate ourselves and bow down,
kneel before the face of Yahweh our Maker -
        for He is our God,
        and we are
                             the people of his pasturing,
                             the flock of his hand.

Today, should his voice you hear
do not harden your hearts as at Contention,
as the day of Testing in the wilderness,
where I was tested by your fathers
        as to my kindness, even though they had seen my deeds -
                forty years I felt loathing for a generation
                and I said,
                             ‘A people straying in heart are they,
                             and they do not know my way’ -
where I made oath in my anger:
‘Surely they should not come into my haven.’